Five Benefits of Nest Indoor/Outdoor Home Security Cameras

When you invest in a new property, it is crucial that you invest heavily in the safety and security of the property. In the technology market, several smart devices offer you quick and reliable solutions to your security needs. Indoor/Outdoor monitoring around the office environment is essential especially when you are away. Nest is a company that provides you with expert solutions to all your safety needs.

With the Nest devices, you get several benefits and connectivity options that are not available with any other home security cameras. Let us have a look at the top five benefits of using the Nest home security cameras for the safety of your house starting at $149 a piece and cheaper as you bundle the cameras together. Our preferred place to purchase these camera devices hassle free, is on Amazon Prime.

Straightforward and safe Setup

The Nest security cameras are designed in a way that allows you to use the device right out of the box. The simple interface and initial setup allow you to start using the device in almost no time. The interface of using the camera application on your network is simple, plug it in, configure your wifi connection, and place the camera in your desired location. This simplicity enables you instant access for all your security needs within just a few minutes after opening the package.

Nest Indoor Camera - Simple setup

Just place the Nest Camera Anywhere

Nest Indoor Camera Installation Diagram

Nest Outdoor Camera Installation Example

Nest Outdoor Camera Installation
Nest Outdoor Camera Installation Diagram

Weather Proof Design

When you invest in an outdoor home security camera, you need to make sure that the device is weatherproof. The Nest security cameras come with a special coating that protects the device from all types of climates. Regardless if it is freezing cold or during the peak of summer. This unique features allows continuous monitoring on your network regardless of the season. You do not need to invest in adding an extra shade for your outdoor security camera to prevent it from getting wet during rain or snow as the device is made using airtight, waterproof elements.

Nest Outdoor Camera

High-Resolution Monitoring

The Nest security cameras provide you with a high-resolution recording feed that allows monitoring each aspect of the environment in and around your house for a minor monthly fee. The device also uses a wide-angle lens to camera a vast area without losing resolution, plus it gives you a viewing area without having to use a second camera device. An added bonus is Nest's two-way audio recording microphone on the device which gives you the ability to talk through the device even while you are recording the activity. A perfect feature for home security.

Need Indoor Feed - High Resolution

View Nest Camera Feed from Mobile Device

Continuous Power Supply

Nest cameras simple plug-n-play functionality allows the device to run continuously a direct power source without relying on a on a battery.
Nest Indoor Power Supply 20ft
Nest's Durable Connector & Compact Housing

Nest Outdoor Camera - 50ft Power Supply

Active and Distant Monitoring 

The great news is, Nest security cameras come with a software application for iOS and Android devices. This is very important for all of you Smart Phone enthusiasts because no matter where you are, you will be able to monitor the environment in and around your house in real-time right.. This intuitive interface is simple to use without an excessive learning curve.

Nest Camera Talk Feature

24/7 Persistent Monitoring with Nest

Nest Outdoor High Resolution Monitoring

So, the next time you are in the market planning to buy a new security camera device, you can rely on the Nest devices to provide you with real-time monitoring of your house.

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