Top 5 reasons why you need to protect your PC with Antivirus Software

We all have an computer that is loaded with software that we either don't recognize or don't use. Plus with tons of media like music, videos, and games. Most people are lost when it comes to internet security protection or knowing if a piece of software is infected or not. To be honest, I wouldn't even know what to look for. Being a naive user like myself, we often overlook on a crucial part, that is, an Anti-Virus Software. If you use your computer only for personal pleasure and a casual social media use, you must protect yourself with a solid Antivirus program. Maintaining a healthily functioning PC System and keeping all your private content safe, an active Antivirus Software is a must.

A computer system without Anti-virus protection is just like a house without lock; open for thieves, burglars, fraudsters, hackers, and other online criminals. There are many other considerable dangers that you and your PC might gain because of the absence of an Antivirus.

Here, let us discuss why having a decent antivirus is important......

Computer Performance:

None of us like having a slow personal computer. It is quite irritating when you sit for the system to run a simple task that ends of taking several minutes instead of a few seconds. The many viruses, Trojans, and malware cause your PC slow to down to a snail's pace by occupying and stealing your processing power. Some signs that you have these viruses, trojans, malware, and parasites operating on your PCs is a slow performing system; e.g. Windows takes longer than expected time to upload, poor internet connectivity despite a real connection, and a blue screen time to time that can be resolved only by restarting the system. A good antivirus can help you by blocking any unwanted entry as well as eliminating the ones that already exist. 

Safety of your children:

The Internet is not a very safe place for children, especially without an effective antivirus program like Avast, Webroot, Norton, and McAfee. Well crafted ads and children's programs are infected with dangerous code that could take your children to adult content sites that are not at all suitable innocent eyes. Basically, let's be honest, you can be everywhere at once. Trust me I know, I have three sons myself. They are all over hte place. So it is imperative I have a high quality Antivirus software running the background to protect my kids for unwanted dangers.

Safety for personal data and identity:

Identity Theft, have you heard of this issue lately? Of course you have. Well, what have you done to protect yourself? The risk of identity and personal data theft are on the rise, the numbers are staggering. If you use your system to check in to your email accounts, bank accounts, and other personal information a malware entry can make an easy way to steel your information without the proper protection. Some high-level malware can pick up your passwords within your internet browser cookies and essential debit/credit card details used for any online shopping site and use the information in the worst way possible.

Hard Drive Problems:

A severe malware attack can wipe out your hard drive and bring back your computer to the level zero. Even hold your data for Ransom. I know you heard of WannaCry. It infected millions of computers by locking down their data with a heavy encryption. It can cause you not only a significant data loss but also affect the performance of your hard disk. These types of attacks will wreck your hard drives causing you to lose everything!

Criminal attacks:

If your knowledge of cyber crime is limited to hackers stealing your personal information, you need to brush up a little. Cyber crime today also involves IP hacking i.e. the criminals can hack into your computer for using your IP address to perform all types of illegal activity from identity theft, intellectual property rights theft, steal money via illegal wire transfers, etc.

On the whole, having a good anti-virus software is as important as wearing a helmet or seat belt when out driving in town. This safety feature will save your life. So why not protect your PC with the same amount of vigor, it will save you from hackers and criminals, plus the added benefit, it will boost your PC performance. So, if you do not have an antivirus software already, it is the right time to buy one before it is too late.

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