Top 3 recommended Gaming PCs that will deliver every time!

Elevate your Gaming Experience!!!

There is no denying the fact that Gaming systems like Xbox and Playstation have been ruling the gaming world for years, but we all know, true Gaming enthusiasts still choose PC Gaming over anything. Am I right? Thought so.... There is nothing in the mainstream market that has the potential to beat the quality & the gaming experience that PC Gaming has to offer. There are countless options available in the Gaming industry, from companies like Xidax, Alienware, and CyberpowerPC.  These leading brands are cutting edge. I personally have a Xidax X6 for the past two years, plus it came with lifetime guarantee, can't really put a price on that, right?

Don't Bother with Traditional PCs

If you think gaming on all the PCs are the same, you are mistaken. Trust me, the boring, plain, and simplistic desktop PCs that are sold at places like Walmart or Best Buy fail in comparison to the speed and processing power of a superb Gaming PC.  Cutting edge high-powered graphics, super fast processors, and memory that reaches into the depths of endurance. Having all these features enables simutaneous software applications running in the background even while supporting the most dynamic, graphic heavy, fast paced games. 

Take a look at these three gaming PC brands. If any of this intimidates you, good. Just kidding! Don't be nervous about in introducing yourself to the un-paralleled quality of these powerful machines. Trust me, don't bother with the traditional PCs, take a look at these three brands. Do your homework and choose the Gaming PC that fits your needs. Personnally, I recommend finding something that meets your needs and allowing a 20% to 40% growth in your configuration. Meaning, if you think you need only 16gb of ram, maybe you should get 24 gb to allow for changes in needs or having the ability to adapt to the advancements in technology.

These are just my opinions, well, based upon personal experience. I made the shift not to too long ago, and I haven't looked back since.

xidax gaming pc, xidax video graphics, gt force graphics card
Xidax Elite - The price will scare you. only @ Xidax
If you are perfectionist like me, you must invest in Xidax. Just like I stated before, I have the X6. Nothing short of perfection! The company offers you a varied range of products that include killer Gaming Laptops, Gaming Workstations, and much more. Check out the Xidax X2, Xidax X6, Xidax X8, and Xidax X10.  See what fits your needs.

If you are a pro and love to have it in your unique way, you can also get a PC custom made by Xidax. All the Xidax systems come with a unique Lifetime Parts & Service Guarantee, which means that even after ten years if you will face a problem Xidax is there to cover it all.

You can get an amazing Xidax gaming computer for under $1,000. But, if you are an extreme gamer, you can fully customize your machine and spend nearly $25,000. You could probably launch the space shuttle with that monster!

Another market leader is Alienware. The company partners with some esteemed companies like Oculus & Steam to offer gamers with high-grade technical advancements.

Alienware 17 under $2,800 from Amazon
The company was the first to bring the NVIDIA® graphics technology to gaming PCSs, which changed the gaming world altogether. Their products offer you tool-less access, player focused innovation and an enormous wealth of ports, which you can upgrade and modify as per your suitability.

If you are looking for something more, the company has more than 20 years of experience in redefining the gaming experience by offering Gaming PCs equipped with quality, perfection, and next-generation technology.
CyberPowerPC Gaming Ultra under $600 from Amazon.
If you are a person of your on a strict budget, CyberPowerPC is the best place for you to explore. It is a massive online gig for you to get the best Gaming PC made as per your specifications. The company deals in custom made PCs; Custom made Laptops, desktop workstations, 4K Gaming Systems, and Syber Gaming Consoles. Each system is meticulously put in place to reward the gamers with the real-life gaming experience. All the systems are powered by Intel, Microsoft, AMD, RADEON and Nvidia. Some of the best products of CyberPowerPC include Mega Special I & II, Syber M PRO 200, GAMER INFINITY 8000 and INFINITY 8800 PRO SE.

The company is most renowned in the Gaming PC fraternity and has received some prestigious awards for their excellent work.

I hope you enjoyed this article. I tried to keep it lively. Remember, choosing a Gaming PC is the way to go. Even if you are not a gamer, these PCs will blow your socks off! Are you sick of your computer freezing and shutting down, then upgrade to shear raw power! Invest into quality and stop waiting! Elevate your gaming experience!

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