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Top Five Smart Home Devices

Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence are slowly making way into our daily lives. Unknowingly, each one of us is surrounded by several forms of smart devices. Some of these smart devices include wearable smart tech, smartphones, smart air-conditioners, etc. In its prime stage, the smart technology is expected to integrate so deeply into our lives that smart devices will operate our entire house or even a city.
Till that stage comes, we are slowly progressing towards nifty smart technological devices that allow us to live an easy life in a comfortable style. Here are the top five smart home devices that are catching the spotlight.
Amazon Echo DotThe Amazon Echo Dot indeed an intelligent home invention that will serve as a communication hub between you and all the smart device in your home. The Amazon Echo dot is a smaller version of the Amazon Echo and is powered by a power outlet, unlike the Echo that is powered by a battery. The Amazon Echo dot allows you to control various s…

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